Brandon Clark Released From Hospital, Goes To Jail

Brandon Clark Released From Hospital, Goes To Jail 1

Utica Police file that Brandon Clark, the person charged with the homicide of Bianca Devins, has been launched from St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica and transferred to the Oneida County Jail.

What’s Next?

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara says that the next step could be to give the case to a Oneida County Grand Jury. If indicted with the aid of the Grand Jury, Clark would be arraigned over again on costs brought in that indictment. Clark, 21, from the Bridgeport/Cicero location, is accused of killing Devins someday Sunday morning. He posted pics of the deceased on Instagram. Clark attempted to harm himself Sunday morning when Utica Police replied to an try and find the call on Poe Street in East Utica. It changed into there that police also found the frame of Devins.

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