Cabinet nod to amend farmers debt relief Act

Cabinet nod to amend farmers debt relief Act 1

The Cabinet has accepted the draft Bill for amending the Kerala Farmers Debt Relief Commission Act, 2007.
The Cabinet on Wednesday determined to amend the Act so that the comfort sanctioned by the fee for debt arrears above ₹50,000 could be superior from the prevailing ₹ 1 lakh to ₹ 2 lakh. This could incur an extra economic burden to the authorities. The amended Act could be known as the Kerala Farmers Debt Relief Commission (Amendment) Act. Leave advantages had been sanctioned for the Skilled Labour Roll employees of the Public Works Department. They could be eligible for informal leave for 15 days, and 20-day earned depart yearly. The employees would be entitled to go away surrender additionally. The Cabinet sanctioned ₹ eight,28,825 toward the cost incurred through the Indian Consulate in China for transporting Aleesha, a native of Alappuzha, who went there on a journeying visa.

Tenure extended

The tenure of G. Prakash, government status suggest at the Supreme Court, has been prolonged for three years with impact from July 1. V.R. Prem Kumar, who’s joining responsibility after depart, might be posted as Social Justice Department Director. He would preserve the additional fee of the Planning and Economic Affairs Deputy Secretary and Central Plan Monitoring Unit Director. Sanjay Kaul, who’s becoming a member of obligation after a course on ‘Domestic Funding of Foreign Training,’ could be posted as Ports Secretary. He would also preserve the additional price of Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation coping with the director.

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