Ginesys Software – In a Nutshell!

Ginesys Software – In a Nutshell! 1

Dear friends, today in this brief guide, I will tell you everything you want to know about Ginesys. What it is and what are the features/skins etc. Many people are not aware of Ginesys. So, most of us have this question on their mind to what is Genesys software? So, continue reading to know further about Ginesys.

Let me tell you that it is a point of sales software created especially for retailers in India. It allows business owners to flawlessly operate their storefront by enhancing their output through business intelligence. Most retailers widely recommend the POS software, which offers online support services in more than 39+ different cities around the country.

Why Retailers Opt for Ginesys –

Now, the retailers can operate with ease as it has a business-specific module. For various kinds of apparel, lifestyle, brands, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc., Ginesys software offers such a module. Every unit will have specified tax rates, which are pre-existing for the retailers’ services and goods. Also, Ginesys POS software presents a new checkout system that will self-check out the mobile checkout, readers, barcode, and kiosks so that there is no hindrance in the billing process. It means that the billing process will be quick. Plus, the operators will be able to handle the rush hour efficaciously through speedy check-out processing.

Now, there are many reasons why retailers choose Ginesys. The Ginesys POS represents new solutions for all the challenges most of the time faced by the retailers in their daily work. Plus, you can do cross-platform working with complete ease. The POS software will, on its own, adjust and manage the GST rates in case if the Government brings out fresh tax rates. Also, through this Ginesys software, payments can be made through all the main modes, and it will automatically mail the bill to the customers.


How does It work?

Retailers can also file their GST returns automatically, as it is allowed by Ginesys care. To manage and handle all the tax-related work, Ginesys also has an EaseMyGST system module. Now, I will tell you how it works? The EaseMyGST system will automatically take your data from the Ginesys POS, and then it will use it for filing GST forms. If you are a retailer, you can use this system to set your time for filing the returns and work burden-free. Ginesys POS software offers an efficacious attaining and inventory or new modules analysis. Through this analysis, it will tell the retailers which goods are in high demand, and also it will tell you about the re-stocking of those goods.

Features of Ginesys Software

Control of Manufacturing Units –

Lets’ discuss some of the skins of Ginesys. It helps in manufacturing. Ginesys POS software is of such a kind that permits complete control and management of the manufacturing units. It permits the efficacious controlling of batches that are produced in both 3rd party and in-house manufacturing plants. It also aids in distribution management. Business owners can easily keep an eye on their distribution supply chain to various e-commerce marketplace, franchises, stores, etc., through Ginesys Support. Through point of sales, business owners can handle their retail operations without much effort. It comprises employee management, billing, store policies, etc.

In-depth Analysis –

Another feature of Ginesys is analytics and reporting. This software will perform/do a deep analysis of the complete marketing activities and brings out all-inclusive reports. It will mainly point out all the positives and negatives of the operational workflow. Plus, in e-commerce, vendors who wish to work through real-time retailing can easily use Ginesys and combine it into the virtual channels for selling.

The Genesys software price for HO users is Rs.5000/- and for POS users is Rs.2500/-. In procurement, business owners can always plan/make procurement strategies from the vendors and handle it through the customizable buying order documents, mostly generated by the Ginesys POS.

Complete Customer Handling –

Then, there are also offers and schemes where business owners can create/generate new schemes, inventive schemes, and appealing offers to enhance customers’ flow in their stores. Also, with Ginesys POS, you can easily do customer management. It permits a customer management method of very high quality. It can make queries. Also, it can do an exchange of refunds, etc. The POS of Ginesys will take care of complete customer management. In loyalty management, retailers are enabled through Ginesys to develop a loyalty program for the old and faithful customers who frequently purchase so that these customers can avail of discounts on their buying.

Taxation & Stock Management –

This feature of Ginesys, i.e., accounting and taxation, we have already discussed. So, let me tell you once again that the POS solution of Ginesys aids automated tax filing and accounting for business owners. Another best feature of Ginesys is stock management, in which the Ginesys POS gives information about the exact amount of stock that is there in the inventory at any given point in time. It also gives important information like an alert on low stocks and demand value etc. Ginesys software is an omnichannel. Now, the cloud and e-commerce retailers can use the omnichannel combination to sell through multiple channels, and that too with ease.

Warehouse Management & Replacements –

It can also do warehouse management, in which manufacturing units can handle their warehouse and the distribution with Ginesys POS online. It permits the business owners to check on all the minute details like distribution of batches across all the other units. One of the features which can be easily used by retailers is that of replacement. Business owners can now set stock alerts to replace/reload the stock due, which will help them in averting the stock out situations. The software Ginesys POS can be used on mobile. It offers a Zwing mobile application extension, which permits the business owners and retailers to function with this Ginesys software through their smartphones. Gift vouchers are also there.

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