Governor clears State Debt Relief Commission

Governor clears State Debt Relief Commission 1

Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan turned into on Thursday learned to have cleared the latest decision of the State Cabinet to restore the State Debt Relief Commission, which ran into a tough climate after it was constituted using rules of the Assembly 3 years ago. The Telangana State Commission for Debt Relief (Small Farmers, Agricultural Labour, and Rural Artisans) Act, 2016, turned into enacted with a chairperson and five participants to save debt-ridden farmers from harassment by using non-public lenders. The government contemplated through the law to bail out all farmers by waiving or rescheduling loans when farmers took them at excessive interest prices and fell prey to forcible recuperation.

As the rules did not take off, BJP and Congress leaders N. Indrasena Reddy and Mr. M. Kodanda Reddy respectively moved the High Court, which ordered its constitution headed with the aid of a retired High Court decide. The government only appointed two individuals to the panel however did not call the chairman. As this invited contempt court cases, the authorities issued an ordinance on June 24 facilitating the appointment of a ‘referred to the individual’ having revel in the area of agriculture, finance, and regulation as the chairman. Accordingly, N. Venkateswarlu of Parkal in the erstwhile Warangal district became appointed chairman. However, the ordinance lapsed on December 23 after the six-month cut-off date, which threw the destiny of the fee chairman into jeopardy due to the dissolution of the Assembly and superior elections. In those situations, the Cabinet, at its meeting the remaining month, determined to deliver an ordinance revising the commission.


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